Please Find Attached My Resume: How to Say It Right?

It is common with all of us. You may have done it before. Consciously or sub-consciously, you must have written it somewhere when you were applying for a job, “Please Find Attached My Resume.”

But is it the right way to say it or is there a better way that you can put it? Many of us may argue that it is right to say so. Well, they could be right. However, I would reserve that thought for you to decide on at the end of this post.

What You Must Know

The truth is that our language is changing really fast. Phrases such as, “How are you doing?” have found simple answers like – I am good, doing well, I’m doing good, and many other versions.

People are running away from the complexity of the language and replacing it with some of the simplest versions in modern ways. Contemporary language has so many new acceptable twists that will make conventional English feel like a drudge.

However, in the sanity of times, and more specifically, when it comes to formal address, more often than not, you will find certain expressions that don’t actually seem to have improved with time.

Please Find Attached My Resume – is one of these phrases.

Is the Phrase Right?

Yes. It is. Is it grammatically correct? Yes, it is. Then why shouldn’t you use it? Well, the beauty of any language lies within its ability to take many “better” forms and not necessarily sticking to a set of way word rules.

While “Please Find Attached My Resume” is right, correct, and very much within the rules of the English language, it feels like it has been unplugged straight from the 1950s.

The phrase doesn’t fall far off from the Shakespearean era and might as well take you right back to – thou, thine, and thy. Not that they are wrong, but simply because the feeling when you take them up makes them harder to comprehend.

The thing is this. With the speed and dexterity that we need today, using such mouth full phrases might simply send the wrong message. Someone may get it wrong or simply read it in the wrong context.

The word “attached” falls at the “wrong place,” so to speak. With modern English and without the proper knowledge of what we are talking about, your hiring manager might just as well dismiss you.

How Do You Say It?

You will have to say somehow. It is not an entirely formal phrase, but you need to say it all the same. It is the modern form or P.T.O – Please Turn Over.

It articulates that you still have a few other testimonies that your hiring manager can look at to see if you are qualified for the position that’s advertised.

Before I come to how you can say “Please Find Attached My Resume” in a better way, I will again give you a few other options that may work but will still sound awkward. Take a look at them.

Works But Still Awkward

The first phrase that is still correct grammatically, but which will sound awkward, is just as what we have seen above is “Please Find My Resume Attached.”

While it may sound better than what we had before, it’s still not out of the corner. Saying the word “please find” in a verbal cue or directly within your writing style even doesn’t sound well at all.

The other phrase that will also fall in the same place is “Please Find Attached My Resume for Your Review and Consideration.”

Equally, the word “attached” is again set at the wrong point. So it will still sound awkward. It might be right, yes, but it seems out of place.

The best thing to do is to avoid that at any cost.

NOTE: There is nothing wrong with any of the phrases that we have highlighted here, such as:

  • Please Find Attached My Resume
  • Please Find My Resume Attached
  • Please Find Attached Resume for Your Review and Consideration

The only thing that makes us desire that you don’t use them is their awkwardness. The words such as “attached” and “please find” feel improperly placed, and any hiring manager without the right knowledge might write them off.

The Best Way to Say “Please Find Attached My Resume”

Now that we have seen why we shouldn’t say it let go through the best way to say the same phrase in your resume.

To determine the most effective way, we must understand that we no longer live in the Victorian Era. So then, what is the best option to use?

For 2019, “please look at my resume so you can hire me,” will work. It is simple, direct, spontaneous, and easy to understand.

In addition to that, it also sounds polite and respectful. Whether you write it down, include it in your cover letter, or speak it directly, it still sounds the same.

That’s why it makes up for the best option when writing your resume for any job application. Even so, here are other options that you can use for the same.

  • Let me know if you’ve got any questions about my resume attached below
  • You will find my resume attached below
  • My resume is attached for your consideration
  • My resume is included for your consideration
  • I have attached my resume for your review
  • I have included my resume for a closer review

Look at them and think about it, don’t they just sound good? That’s how simple your resume should sound.

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Times have changed, and so has our language. Keep up with these trends in our daily lives makes life easy. It eliminates misconceptions and will build up a quick and easy understanding between everyone.

It is, therefore, reasonable to use such simple and straightforward language even on your resume to prevent being misunderstood.

Remember, once you have made an application, you don’t have to send any follow-up email. Instead, remain patient and wait or the Feedback from your potential employer.


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