7 Simple Resume Templates to Raise your Resume Game in 2020

It is true. We are just gracing in the New Year 2020. So we still have so much time to make that difference that you are looking for, especially with your resume. And what is the best way to do it than to give that resume a brand new look?

Get that resume up to speed and be ready to nail that dream job that you have been looking for too. If you have no idea how to do, we will give you the help that you need.

Our intention is not to complicate things more than they are – no! Actually, times have changed, and in 2020, a simple but professionally drafted resume format will go a long way. It will grab attention and leave you with more interviews than you may have perceived too.

Here are the top seven resume templates that you can use to up your game plan in the year 2020.


Grey Matter


gray matter resume template

One of the major resume templates that capitalize on the use of polished grey color is the grey matter template.

It uses light grey tones to enhance different sections of your resume. It is a great way of adding a visual appeal to your resume and of the major ways for anyone who wants a simple write-up to use.

Use this template to get a simple resume with a crisp look. It is easy to follow, and one of the best for new campus graduates.

Work in Blues


blue resume template


This is my favorite resume template. It is simple, eye-catching, and properly highlighted. Nothing is quite overdone. Everything seemingly balances so well and gives the resume a look of class and style.

The catch is in the subtle blue introduction shade. It doesn’t shout but rather gives the reader a mellow touch. Even better, it blends so well with the symbols to give the contact sections an upbeat of its own.

This is what we call a touch of style and class. The visibility is also high, and there is a tidy look that comes with this style too.

Use Pink Hues


Many will say this is girlish. Well, think again. Even better, why not try it and see how it works first? I guess there is never any harm in trying.

If you dint know, choosing a singular color and introducing it to your resume will make a superb touch.

You could have a graphic representation of content and, at the same time, the use of slightly heavy text to make the perfect blend.

Just make sure that your resume reflects what’s relevant to the vacancy that you want. It will be useless if you include so many irrelevant things on a great resume template.

The hiring manager will concentrate more on the accomplishments, relevancy, keywords, and ATS approval.

Game Changer


Game Changer resume template



This is the resume template that gives you one of the best informal vibes but with a touch of seriousness.

It uses the old school grey touch and some cool texts that make it attractive. The resume, though, maintains a formal tone and works for the professionals too.

The best thing about game-changer is its calmness. You won’t find so many fancy touches that can easily cause it to lose the seriousness that you need.

Using this resume template with your social media pages will be good. You can also link it to your LinkedIn account as a way of getting a complete round-up of who you are and what you can offer.

Timeline Basics


Timeline Basics template

Here you will make the maximum use of timelines. You will focus more on the timelines and use them as your main bar.

However, if you need some creative touch to your resume, you can also bring it in. Just make sure that creative flair is brought in moderation so that you don’t seem quite monotonous.

For the people who are just starting up, I suggest going with the blues if you aren’t daring enough to try this to the limits.

But if you want to try this out, you can always get a professional resume writer to help. This template is one of the best if you are looking for a little inspiration.

It also comes with a superb color scheme that will easily complement your personal resume in a great way.

Shades of Grey


gray shade resume template

Grey has never let anyone down, none that I can remember. I suppose this is the simplest resume template that you can ever use.

All you that you should do is make an additional background color, and you are as good as done. With such a simple addition, you will be surprised at how much change you will bring to your resume.

The use of proper spacing will also add to the sections that you want to highlight more. It is simple, clean, and easy to read through.

You can use the greyscale on any resume that you need and still walk out with flying colors too.

Formal Much


formal resume template

If you use dark shades carefully, you will easily bring out the best part of your resume. On a good day, the introduction of a clean line to also separate the main sections will also make it easy to read through.

This is one of the resume templates that you can also use in case you plan on adding more content in the future.

You can also choose to extend it easily on the next page. Add a tag line along with your name as a way of adding a necessary twist.


Before you choose the best resume template for your personal use, you must make sure that you understand the needs that you have. They can be personal needs or those that are work-related. With these two in mind, coining the best resume will be very easy.

A good resume starts right from the template. If you find the right template, you will be able to prepare a resume that you can easily work with for any job application.


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