How Do You Contact Recruiters on LinkedIn?

If you are looking for your dream job, choosing an online platform can offer endless opportunities. Today, there are numerous online job recruitment portals that you can look at. One of the best options that job seekers use today is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a professional job recruitment social media platform where you can meet potential recruiters, create a network of professionals, and expand your horizons when it comes to looking for like-minded people to work with.

Contact Recruiters on LinkedIn

So, how do you contact potential job contact recruiters on LinkedIn? There is no simpler way to get hold of a recruiter than on LinkedIn. In case you want to use linked to reaching out to potential recruiters, here is what you must keep in mind.

Find the Right Person First

This is the most important tip of all. Find the right person first. In LinkedIn, there are many potential recruiters. When I say many, I mean over hundreds of thousands. All these recruiters come from different industries.

They don’t come from one single line of work. Therefore, you cannot just float your resume to every one of them. The truth is, you will have to first find the right guy before you can send your resume to them.

What this means is this. You will search through the recruiter’s portal by using keywords that are relevant to your industry. This way, you can easily find the right hiring manager to contact. A good example is using the search bar with targeted keywords such:

  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Web Design

Don’t Go Straight with LinkedIn

Once you have identified a potential recruiter, you shouldn’t make contact directly on LinkedIn. I know this might sound a bit strange. Well, it is not.

If you make your first contact on a different platform other than LinkedIn, then it becomes easy for them to track your resume on LinkedIn.

A good example is using Twitter, Facebook, or Email to contact them first. By doing this, you will have the chance to make contact with your name appearing among very few people.

In any of these platforms, it will be easy for the recruiter to read your message. Thereafter, when you choose to send your resume over LinkedIn, recognizing you by name will be easy.

NOTE: It is important to tweak up your LinkedIn profile such that your name and headline will be visible to everyone. This is especially very important in case you have made an external contact with a potential recruiter.

Personalize Your Connection Request

Now that you have identified a potential recruiter and reached out to them on another platform, it will be time to connect with them over LinkedIn. You don’t want to do this the wrong way. Remember, the first impression counts a lot. So how do you do it?

The best way is to figure out what to say and how to say it. Don’t just go ahead and click the “connect” button when ideally there are many who are doing the same.

The best way to go about it is to coin a personal message to go with it. It shows respect for the other person since you have never met.

Using a message will, therefore, give you an even better acceptance rate once you start to reach out to your potential recruiters over LinkedIn.

Follow Up With a Resume

Once your potential recruiter has accepted your connection request, the next thing will be to send them your resume. You can make a better approach using email or by sending them a LinkedIn message too.

The recruiter’s email address will be under the “contact info” that’s on their profile. You can find the email address and make a much more direct approach.

Make sure that your resume is accompanied by an additional explanation that describes the following:

  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • What you’re looking for

NOTE: Keep the description in a few sentences. The sentences must be short and concise. Don’t forget to attach the resume before you click on send. You can possibly ask if both of you can connect over the phone. You can also seek help from professional executive Resume writers.

Keep In Touch

You may or may not receive feedback. Well, that’s quite understandable; it never goes your way every day. Even so, it is important that you remain patient and still keep in touch.

You never can tell why you haven’t been contacted yet. Maybe there is no vacancy just yet or your resume is undergoing scrutiny. Whichever the case, don’t lose hope. There is no harm in staying in touch.

Try to keep the conversation going. You can always make regular contact with casual conversation. Doing this will help your recruiter to keep you in mind, remember your name, or get you other potential employment places from other firms.

I have seen many guys being recommended for jobs that they didn’t even apply for. Communication is a powerful tool that you can always make good use of when you are on LinkedIn.

NOTE: Do not keep the conversation going by pressurizing the recruiter with constant reminders of your resume.


Anyone who has been searching for a job for quite some time now understands that nailing your dream job is no walk in the park.

It can be very hard and sometimes downright terrifying too and that’s the cold hard reality. Even so, if you find the right platforms you might make your work a little bit easy.

With the right platform such as LinkedIn, reaching out to the right potential recruiters can be easy. There are hundreds of thousands of potential recruiters to go within this platform.

Using the platform is also socially acceptable and you don’t have to feel strange that you are reaching out directly to a potential employer.

Today, many potential hiring managers use LinkedIn and the more you put yourself out there, the better your chances will become.


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