How to Write the Perfect Resume Title or Headline

I spent five years looking for my first job interview. It was tough, but I was never going to give up. Well, five years may seem long. However, I was lucky that I had a pal who showed me how to structure my resume. Or else, I would have been looking for that job until today. That’s the truth.

Why do I say this? Many people don’t know that a resume also has a structure of its own. For you to land a job interview or even the job itself, your resume has to meet certain criteria. Simple as resumes may look, there are a few things that you need. Such as these:

  • Your resume must have the right title
  • Your resume must be free of grammatical error
  • Your resume must be structured to meet the job requirements
  • The resume has to be simple and spontaneous

NOTE: The resume should also highlight certain things, including work background, professional background, accomplishments, and strengths, among other things.

What You Must Know

While every one of these things that I have mentioned is vital, they are also vast, and you may not learn them in a single day. That’s why many people will opt for a professional resume writing help. Nonetheless, there is no harm in learning.

Therefore, in this post, I will look at one of them; How to Write an Outstanding Resume Title. Let’s take a look.

What is a Resume Title?

A resume title is also known as a resume headline. It is a short statement that you put on your resume, which includes one or more core skills or achievements.

The resume title should use the fewest words possible. In short, it should be the best but shortest introduction that covers both your professional abilities and skills.

The resume title should be used as a headline for the resume’s summary. It is a condensed one-liner, which will sum up what you have achieved and who you are.

What is the Goal of a Resume Title?

The resume title’s goal is often to sum up your skills and also experience the shortest phrase possible.

It intends to make you stand out and show your potential employer several things, including the following:

  • Your capacity
  • What you have to offer
  • What you have succeeded in doing
  • List relevant or required certification and licenses

By doing this, it allows the employer to brush through fast and understand that indeed you’re qualified for the vacancy. Here are some examples of how resume titles should be.

  • SEO Expert with 7 Years Experience.
  • Java Script Engineer with Experience in Management
  • Website Developer with Experience in Project Management

What To Do Before Writing Your Resume Title

Before you create your resume title, there are some things that you must keep in mind. Among them are the following:

What You Have Achieved

Whether you’ve previously worked or not, you must have achieved something. You must understand what you have been able to achieve or accomplish. This is what forms the basis on which you will tailor your resume title.

What the Job Requires

The next thing that you must keep in mind is what the vacancy requires. More often than not, hiring managers will list what they need from you. This will include what you are expected to deliver on and the type of qualification that you must have.

Understanding what the job requires/ entails will help you to coin a resume title that addresses what the job is all about.

Your Relevance to the Job

Nonetheless, you must also determine if you are in any way relevant to the position advertised. This means having the ability to fill the capacity in question. If you understand yourself, will you focus on getting the right resume title that reflects your personality.

Level of Competition

Finally, if the level of competition is high, you may want to up your game a little bit. How do you do that, it is simple, by focusing more on your strongest attributes. That’s why it is important to ensure that you research on the competitiveness of your type of work.

Benefits of a Resume Title

While some of you may choose not to include a resume title, it will be their loss. Resume titles have shown to have so many benefits, including the following.

Best Shot

A hiring manager will spend six seconds or less to scan your resume and move on to the next. You don’t want them to write you off without necessarily getting what you come with. A resume title will be the difference. It will help you to have the best shot at being understood faster.

Saves Time

Resume title also saves so much time. Remember, a resume is the first impression your hiring manager gets about you. It is like a business pitch for you. If that’s the case, what better way to sell yourself out there than with a short and precise punch line?

Beats ATS

Applicant Tracking System is the newest technology that most companies use. A resume that has no tile won’t pass through ATS. This means you will file a million times and come home empty-handed. So use the title and beat the system. It is the only way to land that interview.


There is no doubt that you must learn how to write the most outstanding resume title. Resume titles are the main part of the resume that sells you in one sentence. They act as a summary of who you are and give your hiring manager a complete look at who you are.

Thankfully, you have understood how to write the best resume title. You have also found tips on why this is beneficial. It is, therefore, up to you to make the right choice and craft a resume that sells.

Even so, you can still hire the services of a certified resume writer. This will make your work easier, faster, and complete.


Save yourself the hassle of looking for a job. Learn how to craft the best resume title that sells. We have the best tips for you.


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